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Second ARIA Health & Frankford CDC Business Spotlight!

The Frankford CDC and Aria Health teamed up yet again yesterday afternoon to host our second business spotlight event, right in Aria’s busy cafeteria, from 12:00n to 2:00p. Participants included Just Good Scents, Neil’s Furniture, Cramer’s Uniforms, and 3rd Fed Bank.

Aria and the CDC began this initiative to introduce Frankford Avenue businesses directly to Aria employees just a few months ago, and we couldn’t be more pleased with how the event has grown in such a short amount of time! Aria staff were excited by all the products and services available right on Frankford Ave – even some sales were made. And business owners got know each other just a little bit better.

We are excited to see how this program grows in the coming years, and are confident it will be a boon for both Aria and the Frankford Avenue commercial corridor!

Enjoy the photos below, and look for updates as this initiative continues!






































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Better Know a Business: Neil’s Furniture

Frankford has a wonderful history of family run businesses, passed down over the decades from parents to children. Neil’s Furniture, located at 4831 Frankford Avenue, continues that tradition.

Rebecca Goldberg has been working in Neil’s, her father’s shop, for ten years, and took over the business when her father passed away in 2010. The way she runs the store is a true tribute to her father – her focus on customer service and the creation of a community space would make her father proud.

Neil Goldberg came from a long line of furniture salesmen. His father and uncles owned a furniture store in Kensington, and his grandfather delivered pieces on horse and buggy. Neil opened his own shop on Paul Street here in Frankford in 1979, and about five years later moved to their current location on the Ave. He loved being a part of the Frankford community, and his clients became his friends, stopping by the shop at 4:00pm for “Heineken Hour”. He never advertised – a testament to him as a person and the quality of his work. He remembered everything about his customers, from their kids names to the types of furniture they bought.

Since taking over the reins for her father, Rebecca’s learned a lot about running a small business and how difficult – as well as fun and rewarding – it can be. Most importantly, she’s developed a passion for furniture she didn’t know she had. She started out her career working with animals, but has since developed a true love for interior design and a quality piece. She’s taking interior design courses, and in the years to come hopes to incorporate that new element in to the business. And, like her father, the people are her favorite part of working in Frankford.

Rebecca and her partner in crime, Chuck, are here for the long haul. They’re open from 10:00a to 6:00p Monday through Saturday, and offer flexible lifetime lay-aways as well as carpet installation. So stop on by and take the time to chat with Rebecca and Chuck – and ask them about Neil.