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A Garden Grows in Frankford

Actually there are quite a few gardens growing in Frankford.  Some of the most interesting user comment we have seen has been related to those gardens.  So a few weeks ago when I was coming down Oxford Avenue and saw that group of folks tending to the lot on the corner of Oxford and Foulkrod naturally I had to stop and ask what was going on.  So emerged the story of Tom and Hazel Hummel and Al Houston.  I had heard a little bit of it before.

The old Bell Telephone building became vacant and in 1996 blew up in an interesting burst of flaming inferno.  It was subsequently demolished and a vacant lot remained.  After some time, Hazel and Tom got involved and rallied some other folks and with the help of  Janet Bernstein and the Horticultural Society planted a garden.  The garden was beautiful and turned an eyesore into a little place of beauty.

Some time went by and the people who had worked to maintain the garden were no longer able to do so and it fell into decline.  Along comes pastor Gabe from the little church on the block (By Grace Alone Frankford Fellowship) and well, why don’t we let them to the story.  Here it is below.