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Councilman Oh at Northwood Civic

Councilman Oh stopped by the Northwood Civic meeting on November 21st and talked about his proposed legislation to help homeowners who have been victimized by squatters.  The system at present is an embarrassment in that squatters essential have a green light to steal you home.

One thing he pointed is that this is not a case of poor, homeless people who happen to find a vacant, open house to live in.  It is often a planned, organized assault on a house that is targeted because the culprits know how to play the system.  Once they break in to your property, you call the police and they decide they can’t determine who is in the right so you have to go to the expense of the legal system to get the bums out of your house.  Oh’s bill would simplify and speed up that process and put a penalty on the thieves.

When the bill came up for a vote in committee on November 6th, it was tabled for what were called legal concerns.  It is due to be tinkered with and then come up for a vote again.  Let’s hope it does.

In other news at the meeting, Terry Heiser continues to work on traffic issues in Northwood.  There is not doubt that his excellent work on this issue has resulted in improvements where for years no progress could be made.

The conservatorship of 1301 Wakeling after numerous court appearances went through and that property is being rehabbed and will go up for sale as a single family home.  No thanks to the owner, another blighted property is being improved.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be on November 19th at Simpson Recreation Center, 1010 Arrott Street.



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Northwood Civic Scores a Big Win Against Blight

Congratulations to Joe Krause and the Northwood Civic Association on their big victory over EverBank of Jacksonville, Florida, the owner of 1301 Wakeling Street.  At a court hearing on October 19th, Scioli Turco was appointed conservator of the property. Immediate improvements will begin to be made to the outside of the property and the home will be repaired inside and out to be marketed for sale as a single family home in the coming months.

Scioli Turco is a community and neighborhood development organization who works on behalf of neighborhoods to take over blighted properties and return them to the market when the owners cannot or will not do so.

This case goes back to April 16th, 2016 when the first hearing was held and the judge ordered the owner to do the repairs and get the house on the market for sale by June 1st.  They did not comply but managed to forestall the conservatorship for almost a year and a half.

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Traffic Keeps Northwood Civic Busy

The Northwood Civic Association meeting on February 21st dealt with updates to the effort to slow down the traffic on Castor Avenue.  The rumble strips have been installed but it has become quickly apparent that they are having no effect.

They are smaller than were promised, says Terry Heiser, who has been spearheading the project.  They were supposed to be a half inch thick but it turns out that they are about a quarter of an inch.  It doesn’t sound like much but it makes a big difference to the driver passing over them.  They are less irritating to ride over at higher speeds.  They are also placed so its possible to drive around them entirely.

Speed limits markings have still not been placed on the highway.  Regardless, the next step is a traffic study that will be done in a few months to measure their effectiveness or lack thereof.  Should it be determined that the speeds on Castor Avenue are continuing to be out of control then the next step will be speed cushions which are impossible to ignore and will last a long time.

Other news at the meeting:

  • The police agreed to spot traffic enforcement for a period on Adams Avenue from Wyoming to Orthodox.
  • The zoning hearing on the fence at 1100 Haworth Street resulted in the case being dismissed.  The effect is that the fence must come down.
  • Continuing to see attempts at burglary in Northwood.  The weather may be part of the problem since burglars don’t care for the cold and people will usually be locked up tight in their homes.  Do not leave your windows open when they are easily accessible at the ground level.  This is just looking for trouble.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be held on March 21st at 7 PM at the Simpson Recreation Center at 1010 Arrott Street.

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Northwood Civic Says No to the Fecnce

A special meeting of the Northwood Civic Association was held on February 7th to consider a zoning variance for an existing fence at 1100 Haworth Street.  The variance is needed because the 6 foot high fence exceeds the maximum height of 4 feet.  After discussion of the issue, residents voted to not support the variance.

1100 Haworth Street

The issue will still go before the ZBA who will make the final decision.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be held on February 21st at 7 PM at Simpson Recreation Center, 1010 Arrott Street.

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Councilwoman Sanchez to Attend Northwood Civic Tonight

Councilwoman Sanchez will be attending the Northwood Civic Association meeting tonight at Simpson Recreation Center at 7:00 PM – 1010 Arrott Street.

Please bring a neighbor as this is an opportune time to have your questions and concerns answered. Sorry for the last minute notice but I just got the call.