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Salvation Army Building Available

Some readers have noticed activity in the old Salvation Army building at 4342-44 Frankford Avenue.  They packed up shop last year and since that time it has been vacant.  Since our unfortunate experience with the opening of NET and Wedge without our support, people are very concerned about any changes on the Avenue that may be counter productive to improving our community.

I contacted Jorge Santana, Chief of Staff for Tony Payton and he updated me on what is happening with the property.  It is listed for sale with Ken Blum of Benjamin Jacobson Associates for 1.2 million dollars.

As Jorge reported:

Since getting in touch with Ken Blum, I have been working very closely with him.  I have made it clear to him that the building cannot by any means be sold for a purpose the Frankford community does not want, and that the community is ready and willing to use any legal means necessary to ensure the building falls into good hands.

That said, I see this as a major opportunity for Frankford.  I believe the building is perfectly suited for a charter school or vocational/trades school like Devry, Thomson, or Orleans Technical.   We will be reaching out to local charters to see if they are interested in the property.  We also have meetings throughout January planned to show the property to other reputable charters not currently in the neighborhood.

Its good to know that Payton’s office is on the case.  I agree that this can be an opportunity and it will be if we all stick together and make sure it goes that way.  It’s a simple issue.  Our political leaders will do what we tell them to do if we speak loudly enough and in the right way.  We rolled over too easily for Wedge and NET.  Let’s make sure it does not happen again.  Stay tuned for further information.