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Philadelphia Community Arts Network Announces Fall Line Up in the Northeast

pcan1The Philadelphia Community Arts Network (PCAN) has announced it’s Fall schedule of music, art, theater and dance classes. With two locations in the Northeast, one at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church at 4442 Frankford Avenue in Frankford, and also at Emmanuel Resurrection Episcopal Church in Holmesburg at 8201 Frankford Ave. the art center is in easy reach of most of the residents of Northeast Philadelphia.

Private individual music lessons are available on piano, guitar and drums and cost only $15.00 per half hour lesson. Music lessons are ongoing and continue throughout the year. Our eight week Fall session of Beginner’s Art Classes for six to eight year olds, Cartooning for nine and above and Theater/Acting begin the second week of October.

All of PCAN’s instructors are professional performers and graduates of some of the area’s finest music and arts schools including Temple Universities Classical and Jazz programs and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. To see more about our programs visit our web site at:

For more information or to register call: 215-694-1248 or e-mail: ***

Ray Bruckno Philadelphia Community Arts Network
5245 Ridge Ave. Phila., PA 19128 215-694-1248
e- mail:
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Philadelphia Community Arts Network Summer in Frankford

The Philadelphia Community Arts Network (PCAN) announced that its summer six week 2011session will begin Monday, June 20th and end Thursday, July 28th. Individual music instruction on piano, guitar, saxophone, and drums will be available for only $14.00 per lesson. Beginner’s Art, Cartooning, Dance/Hip Hop and Theater classes cost $65.00 for the entire six weeks. Summer is a great time to see if your child has an interest in, or talent for the arts. Ages for students range from six to seventeen. Classes are held at the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church at 4442 Frankford Ave..  Free parking is available. For more information call the art center at:

215-694-1248 or e-mail us at:

See our previous post here on this program.

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The Arts in Frankford

There was a time, in the not so distant past, when you could find music, art, dance and other programs at your child’s school.  That is no longer necessarily true given the tight budget some schools are working under.
So if you were at St. Mark’s (4442 Frankford Ave.) last Monday night with me you would have found parents and children filling the gap.  The Philadelphia Community Arts Network (PCAN) offers a program each Monday night.  Upstairs pcan3

you would find a dozen young dancers going through their paces. Down in the chapel a young pianist takes his lesson.


In the meeting room, (picture) some budding cartoonists are getting the basics.


They were all having a great time as their parents waited on the sidelines.  You really have to give these parents credit for taking the time to get involved this way for their kids on a chilly winter night in February.

For more information about this program call 215-482-4860.