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Frankford Civic Meeting

The was a good crowd on hand last week for the Frankford Civic Association Meeting.  Chris Wink has a great report on which hits all the right notes.  He was tardy and missed a short but important discussion we had at the very start concerning the property at 1520 Orthodox Arrott Street.

This is the location of the former Primo’s Sports bar that was closed as a nuisance.  That closure is only effective for a year and then the premises are free to be reopened.  Given the location and unregulated drug market that has surrounded the area, it is clear that it will once again become a problem.

Construction is now underway in the building.  It has been reported on  Calls have been made to Councilwoman Sanchez office and to Tony Payton’s office.  Jason Dawkins commented on our previous post linked above:

Our office did report out about the above location, the bar does not have a liquor license, which means it will not be a bar…. The location was shut down 7yrs ago and the owner never renewed his license, and there is no current application on file for another license. Folks should not make statements that are not true, if anyone has any questions please call our office and ask for me.

The reason why the folks are up in arms about this bar is that they have a history of ignoring the law and regulations.  Not having a liquor license but still in business for the next 6 years would be one cause for concern.  Building construction with no permits is another.  So if it did not stop them before, it will not stop them now.

In fairness to Jason, I am sure he will do his best to keep it closed.  You can call him directly at Councilwoman Sanchez office at 215-686-3448 or 3449.

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Former Primos Sports Bar Building

The bar (1520 Arrott Street) which was closed by the DA as a nuisance, is showing signs of resurrection.  You can imagine the joy that this brings to the neighborhood.  Works is going on, no permits posted etc. which indicates a callous disregard for the law at the start.  So what do people do?  Well the contact Philly311 for help.  You can follow the results here.   Maybe the requirement is two murders to keep a location closed.  DA where are you?




Former Primos Sports Bar building