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Veteran of the Month—Eric Elijah Cosby

Eric Elijah Cosby, affectionately called “Lumpy” by his family and close friends, passed away on June 9th.

He was born in Philadelphia to Warren Sr. and Virginia Cosby on November 8, 1955.

Eric was educated in the Philadelphia Public School system and graduated from Frankford High School in 1973.  After graduation, he matriculated at Savannah State College in Savannah, Georgia.  Eric later enlisted in the United States Navy until he was honorably discharged in 1976.  Eric remained an active veteran of the military until his untimely death.

Eric was a committed and dedicated employee.  He worked for PECO for a number of years until he was employed with the Philadelphia School District as a School Police Officer for more than 25 years.  Eric, affectionately known as “Koz” around the around the School District worked to protect teachers, families and loved so many children who were students at the School District.

Eric gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ at a young age at the Star of Hope Baptist church where he was an active member until his death.  Eric participated in Bible Study regularly and often asked many questions.  He was a member of the Trustee Board, Male Usher Board, Men’s Chorus, Mass Choir, and Security.  Eric loved his church home and most of all he loved the Lord.

Eric was a generous giver and supporter of his niece’s church, Greater Restoration Cathedral where he was affectionately known as “Unc” by the members.  Eric believed in Mission work as he would generously give to Lott Carey Foreign Mission, Veterans Affairs, and St. Jude.

Eric had an infectious smile, distinctive laugh and a way with words.  He was a jokester and could be found cracking jokes and pulling pranks with his family and friends.

Children LOVED him.  He was known as the “Candyman” to all children.  You can rest assured that he would have candy, gum, pastries, ice cream and Snickers bars.

Eric enjoyed cooking and making banana pudding and chocolate banana pudding.  He was an all-around athlete.  He enjoyed basketball and played all around Philadelphia in his hay days.  He was an avid football fan and his favorite team was the Philadelphia Eagles. He loved sports and supported his nephews and encouraged them to play.

Eric was known around the country and you could not travel without him knowing someone.  Eric enjoyed giving gifts to his family.  He enjoyed shopping and traveling.  Although Eric was known as being frank with his words and hard; he was also known as being a warm and kind man.  He loved hard.  His favorite scripture was Psalm 23.  His favorite song was by the Canon Singers, “Clean Up”.

Eric married the love of his life Veronda Mann on February 12, 2011, and he remained married to her and cared for her until her death in August of 2017.

Eric leaves the following to mourn his passing:  his three children: Eric, Tiffany and Elijah; four stepchildren, eight grandchildren; Tyree, Tamia, and Mahnaiyah; Terrance, Mahasin; Yaquies, Sada, Asad; five siblings: Warren, Jr.; Donald (Mattie); Gail Marable; Henry; James (Tera); one uncle James Clark (Joyce) and one aunt Evelyn Carter; seven nieces and nephews, a host of great nieces and nephews, cousins; two childhood friends; Gordon Tuner and Abdul Muqeet Tawaab.  Eric’s wife, mother, father and nephew preceded him in death.

Eric was interred at Washing Crossing National Cemetery with full military honors.

Eric Elijah Cosby,

We thank you for your service!!!


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Memorial Day 2018 in Frankford

Monday, May 28th, Keep the Faith in Frankford and friends will gather in the cemetery at St. Joachim Church (Griscom and Church Streets) for a brief ceremony to remember those Frankford residents who died in the service of their country.  It is not to glorify war but to acknowledge their service.

We have been doing extensive research to find out as much about them as possible.  At present there are 125 names that we will read to honor their sacrifice.  They are listed below.  Everyone is invited to participate.

Civil War

John Gibson

Albert Dungan

Sewell Randall

William Batt

David Chipman

Robert Smith

John Stott

John Castor

Joseph Williams

William Baxendine

John Williams

William Wilkinson

James Crocket

William Blackburn

George Lever

Lewis B. Evans

David Potts

Richard Standing

George Gregson

John Johnson

Charles Wonderly

William C. Wilson

Thomas Pilling

William McMullen

Charles Layton

James Harmstead

Henry Castor

Joseph Batt

James Ferry

Robert Kay

George Vanhart

James Bolton

John Hart

James Burk

Almon Smith

William A. Vanatter

Elijah Hunt

John F. Gilberson

Thomas Kirkwood

James K. P. Bryan

Charles T. Mahan

David Feaster Edgar

Thomas Chapman

William Fairhurst

William Wight

Joseph Johnson

Peter McNally

Robert Rae

James Butcher

Robert Lesher

Samuel C. Rodgers

Adam Hafer

William Allen

James Donnelly

Wallace Shaw

Louis Lesher

Rudolph Price

Samuel Deardon

William Martin

Isaac Hilt

James Pierce

Alfred Clymer

Lewis C. Hong

William Hope

Rupert Carney

George Baxendine

David P. Allen

George L. Bragg

John Taylor

James Hilton

Thomas Stone

Michael Shuster

William Reynolds

Charles H. Cooper

Thomas C. Stott

George Frederick Putt

Charles H. Wilson

Nicholas J. Carty

World War I

Warren John Decker

Jesse Vandergrift

William Johnson

Thomas William Astbury

Benneville Wellington Bertolet

Amos Raymond Taylor

Charles Harold Redman

Howard B. Cantelly

Charles Francis Elliott

Joseph T. McClurg

Elmer J. Needham

William Charles Peel

Horace Givens

William Wilkinson Neumann

Joseph Alexander Coyle

George Cassels

Louis Redding

Edward Nelis

Charles J. Coyle

Walter Carroll Brinton

Admiral Johnson

World War II

William M. Fairhurst

Eugene Paul Shipley

William J. Ferry

Francis Keeley

Eugene David Harpel Jr.

Joseph Herbert Clark

Charles Henry Blittersdorf

Andrew Krull

Walter Bryan Gossling Jr.

George Edward Frey

World War II and

Korean War

Joseph George Wilusz

Donald Stainthorpe  Sirman

Korean War

John Leszczynski Jr

James Bartholomew Crane

Cold War

John Wesley Harvey

Vietnam War

Frederick George Lynch

Lloyd Calveria Wilson

Theodore Lauer Fischer

Stephen Paul Blanchett

Matthew  Higgins

Charles William Daut

Charles J. Gibilterra

Thomas Joseph Dowd

Daniel Joseph Savage

Thonas John Laughlin

David Wayne Comber

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Tartaglione Brings Home the Bucks to Post 224

On Saturday April 14th, State Senator Tina Tartaglione presented a check for $100,000 to the Lloyd C. Wilson American Legion Post 224 for the renovation of the Post building.

State Senator Tina Tartaglione presents a check for $100,000 to Post 224 for renovation of the building.

In introducing Senator Tartaglione, Commander Guy Lewis stated, “This lady has been loyal, dependable, unwavering advocate for the citizens of Pennsylvania, especially those of the 2nd (Senate) District, which includes East Frankford. She has been representing us for the last 24 years and has been especially good to the Lloyd C. Wilson Memorial Post 224.”


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Veteran of the Month – Fred Prescott

Fred Prescott is a lifelong Frankford resident who grew up on the 2000 block of Margaret Street.  He attended Sullivan Elementary, Harding Junior High and Frankford High Schools.

When he graduated from Frankford in 1960, he worked for a time and then decided to enlist in the Air Force.  He took the oath in January of 1961 and went to Lackland Air Force Base for Basic Training.  He then was shipped off to Fort Leonard Wood for training as a Water Treatment Specialist and finally was assigned to Forbes Air Force Base near Topeka, Kansas.

He spent the rest of his active duty time at Forbes, which was a SAC (Strategic Air Command) base.  He was on duty during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 when our country was on the verge of nuclear war. He was separated from active duty in January of 1965 and after 2 years in the Inactive Reserves, was honorably discharged.

He married Veronica (Ronnie) Binkowski, also a life long resident of Frankford, in 1966 and they have a son, Matthew.  He worked at Aero Services making maps for 5 years.  That experience lead to his long time career at Ewing Cole Architectural firm as an Electrical Draftsman.  He retired from Ewing Cole after 30 years in 2006.

Fred Prescott

Outside of work, he is known by hundreds of Frankford boys as the Scoutmaster of Troop 108 which was based at the Frankford American Legion Post 211 on Leiper Street.  It later moved to the Hermon Presbyterian Church on Harrison Street and finally to St. James Lutheran Church on Pratt Street.  Eagle Scout Prescott, followed his father into Scouting in 1949 when he became a Cub Scout and continued past the 50 year mark.  Son Matthew also became an Eagle Scout.

Fred Prescott (top row second from right) with Troop 108 at Treasure Island in 1966.  Front row, L-R Bill DesChamp, Richard Ennis, Richard Franck, Bill Harmon & Gary Rooney. Second row, not sure of the first guy either, myself, Tom Kornsey, Dave Beatrice,  Joe Madara, Bob (Beetle) Bailey, & Dave Gibson. Back row, John Young, John Krause, Mr. Michaelizzi, Harvey Michaelizzi, Frank Rooney, Mr. Kornsey, Steve Steily, Fred Prescott, and Hank Thompkins. Missing from pic is Taj Rogalski, my brother Bob, Mike Walls, Dave Moore, Marty Gibson, & Jim Bygott.  Picture courtesy of Dave Beatrice.  Captions courtesy of Wayne Hunt.

Now that Fred is fully retired, he spends his time tending to their home at the corner of Harrison and Griscom Streets.  It is well known for one of the best Christmas light displays in Frankford.  When not walking Willow, the pet Rottweiler, Fred volunteers at the Historical Society of Frankford.  He recently compiled a history of Troop 108 titled “A Scout in Frankford: The Troop 108 Story”.  The book will be on display at the Historical Society.

Fred Prescott – We thank you for your service!!!

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Veteran of the Month – Robert L. Cupit

Robert L. Cupit

Robert L. Cupit was born on March 7th 1957 in the City of Brotherly Love. Rob, as he was known, went to Clymer Elementary School, Stetson Junior High School and then West Philadelphia High School.  He also attended Penn State University and Community College.

Rob was baptized at an early age,  He enlisted in the U. S. Air Force in December of 1979 and was discharged in December of 1987.  He took his Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas where he finished his tour of duty.  Rob received various awards and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant (E4).

After serving his duty, Rob was employed by Xerox Corp. Cintas and Herrs Potato Chip Company.  He then became a law court officer.

Rob was a very active type of person, involving himself in various community projects such as the Y.M.C.A., the Boys and Girls Club and is now serving at the Lloyd C. Wilson American Legion Post 224 as the Post Judge Advocate.

Rob, in his spare tie, loves playing Chess, shooting pool, basketball and TV football games. Rob has had many challenges in his life but has managed to defeat them all and move forward.  He is achieving his goals in his life.

Robert L. Cupit:  Fly on brother and thank you for your service.