Data Shows Smedley Mastery Charter School Turning Around

Good news coming out of Smedley over on Bridge Street.  Since Mastery Charter Schools took over the school in September, parents say they are happy with the turn around.

From Newsworks:

At long-suffering Smedley Elementary in Frankford, things are finally looking up.  Now a Renaissance school run by Mastery Charter, there are raised expectations for students. And according to new data released by Mastery and the School District, enrollment, attendance, and reading levels are all going up, too. The key, says Principal Brian McLaughlin, has been getting the entire school–even the kindergartners–to feel a sense of urgency.

From the Notebook:

“The [council] is thrilled with how Mastery has transformed the school,” said SAC chair Ninette Cooper.

Nice to see good things happening.

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