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NAC Meeting for January

nac board

NAC Board of Directors

There were two zoning issues this month at the Frankford NAC meeting at 2nd Baptist.

  • Master Charter School – Smedley Elementary needs a variance for a larger size sign than zoning regulations allow at that location.  The community members voted to support their variance.
  • The owner of a property on Edmunds Street came looking for support for use of the first floor as a store. The issue has not gone through the zoning process yet so that was continued.

The next NAC meeting will be on February 13th at 7PM at 2nd Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.

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Frankford is Under Construction

There seems to be an unusual spurt of construction underway in Frankford.  I took a tour yesterday to take some pictures.

Not documented here but it looks to be under construction at the site of the new location for the Bridge at 1100 Adams Avenue.

Northwood Academy Charter School at 4621 Castor Avenue is well underway.

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A Fall Day in Frankford

Saturday was one of those days we were waiting for after all the rain and then the chill of the past few weeks.  It was also a busy day in Frankford with more events than I could hope to cover.

So first I stopped by the flea market sponsored by the parents of Mastery Charter School Smedley Elementary at Wissinoming Park.  It was a beautiful morning and I found quite a few folks looking at the goods even that early.

Next stop was the Smedley building which is under construction of the new classrooms.  The 15th District PDAC and the 15th District police officers were putting on a time for the kids.  There was a great crowd of kids, parents, cops and PDAC folks there.  If you look closely you will see Captain Bachmayer himself.



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Mastery Charter Smedley Elementary School

Pete Specos noted at the last Frankford Civic meeting that the zoning had been approved for the Smedley addition.  I went by there yesterday and found the construction well underway.

As you can see the empty space within the outside walls at the back is being filled in with the gymnasium and new classrooms.  Other improvements will be an elevator and air conditioning as well as a much needed electrical upgrade to the building.