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Frankford is Under Construction

There seems to be an unusual spurt of construction underway in Frankford.  I took a tour yesterday to take some pictures.

Not documented here but it looks to be under construction at the site of the new location for the Bridge at 1100 Adams Avenue.

Northwood Academy Charter School at 4621 Castor Avenue is well underway.

What is rumored to be a new charter school is going up on Oxford Avenue between Large and Pratt.

Aria Health Frankford Campus began construction of the expanded ER a while ago but the barriers went up on the Dyre Street side for the changes to be made for the new ambulatory entrance at that end.

Mastery Charter School Smedley at 1790 Bridge Street is adding classrooms and the addition is now all glassed in.

Frankford Friends began construction of their new classrooms last month and the footings are now all poured.  We should see some framing rising very soon on that project.


In the Spring, we should start seeing the facade improvements to the 4600 block of Frankford Avenue begin.  Now if those condos down on Adams Avenue would get moving we could call it a building boom.

1 thought on “Frankford is Under Construction

  1. As Jay pointed out, I mistook once again Wakeling for Dyre. Thanks Jay, keep an eye on me.

    “I noticed a mislabeling of street names when reading the “Frankford Under Construction” article the other day. When referencing the expansion project going on @ Aria Frankford hosp. The Gazette said the “dyre st” entrance is fenced off. That is actually the wakeling st entrance. Simple mistake, I live exactly @ penn & wakeling so I noticed immediately.
    Keep up the good work!
    Gazette reader, Jay in Fkd “

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