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Rogue Signs Are a Blight on Every Neighborhood

They can buy your house in one minute, do your taxes and get you a refund, help you lose weight, take your junker car and get you a tax deduction and on and on and on.  I hate those signs.  They litter every block in every neighborhood. Now there is a bill in City Council to actually make them legal upon payment of a small fee.  No thanks.  They should continue to be banned but the ban should be enforced.  There should be a $10 fine for each one posted and it should be billed through the telephone company whose number is on the sign.

If you oppose this brilliant idea, here is the petition to make it official. City of Philadelphia: Vote NO on BILL NO. 120017


1 thought on “Rogue Signs Are a Blight on Every Neighborhood

  1. There is already a fine in place for these ugly illegal signs; $300 for each violation as stated in city code 10-1200. The city does not enforce this fine but instead tolerates the dozens of phone calls made by residents daily to Philly 311. Apparently some city council members are tired of the complaints and letters received about these signs so they have finally started taking action against them. What action are they taking??????? Make them legal. Elected officials are supposed to represent the people; not the select few who choose to violate the laws that are in place to maintain a beautiful city. If this bill is to pass, what will the fine be for residents who tear the signs down now that they would be legal? I’m sure that fine would be enforced. Some people who are paid to represent Philadelphia and it’s people really seem to not care that the majority of this city is a dump. Now they want to legalize an aesthetically displeasing act of hanging signs everywhere to make it even trashier. Drunk driving cases tie up a lot of court time and are very costly to the city; we should legalize that. Murder cases take up a lot of time too; maybe that should be legal too. 10-1200 was put in place for a reason; because these signs make your city look like a toilet. Enforce the laws that were put in place to maintain a visually pleasing Philadelphia, and maybe people will stop fleeing this cesspool of a city. Just the fact that city council members thought that legalizing these signs was a good idea is a sure sign that we have some really lazy, uninnovative people representing us. Apparently they don’t have utility poles in front of their homes.

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