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Shooting on Griscom Street

According to the Northeast Times on May 19th a shooting on the 4800 block of Griscom Street left one man dead and another hospitalized. Miguel Torress of the 1400 block of Fanshawe Street was killed. William Thomas was hospitalized as of Sunday morning.

“According to the police public affairs unit, there have been no arrests and no motive for the shootings. At Monday’s 15th Police District Advisory Council meeting, however, a Frankford resident said that the incident was the result of a feud between Griscom Street and Arrott Street gangs, where five men knelt down on the street and opened fire. The resident surmised it was drug related.

Capt. Frank Bachmayer, 15th district commander, agreed, adding that there was a high probability of additional violence stemming from Saturday’s shooting. He told her, however, that it was not all doom and gloom in Frankford.”[While] one shooting is one too many, we’re out there…doing preventive, pro-active patrols. My homicides are down fifty percent to seventy-five percent compared to this time last year,” Bachmayer said. ”

I wasn’t aware that the residents of Griscom Street had organized and formed their own gang. How enterprising of them. It’s good to know there are still ambitious folks left in Frankford. What does make me wonder is that the police clearly know there are gangs and where they are and yet not much progress is being made to shut them down.