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William H. Sliker Photo and Arts Studio

The Norteast Times this week has another facinating (to me anyway) story on Northeast history.  The subject is the William H. Sliker Photo and Arts Studio in Bridesburg.  It is more personal to me because I grew up living on the opposite side of the street from the studio and remember the comings and goings of the studio very well.

The story is authored by Dr. Harry C. Silcox and Jack McCarthy of the Frankford Historical Society.  It is thanks to Sliker that we have so many views of Frankford and the Northeast surviving today.  These photographs were printed on postcards and offered for sale all throuthout the Northeast.  Back in that day when the telephone was rare it was at all unusual for people to send postcards the way we might call someone today.  To say, hey I got home ok or I’ll be coming to see you next month.  Many of them for sale on ebay still have those interesting messages

This is a Sliker image of the old police station and fire house in Frankford.  The fire house is now the Police Athletic League building.  They were a bit casual about the captions for their pictures and wrote them on the original negative in india ink which when printed came out white on the print.
Read the entire story here.