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Frankford man slain in Kensington

I have to apologize for missing this story last week.  It sure did not make the headlines.  Now from the Northeast Times:

A shooting in Kensington on Sept. 2 claimed the life of a Frankford man.
Police responding to a 911 call on the 800 block of E. Thayer St. at 2:30 p.m. found 31-year-old Keith Bolden lying in the street with a gunshot wound of the chest.  Bolden, of the 5100 block of Saul St., was taken to Temple University Hospital and pronounced dead at 4:35 p.m.  Detectives had not named any suspects in the slaying as the Times went to press and were investigating possible motives, a police spokeswoman said. ••

This is the 3rd Frankford resident who was murdered elsewhere this year.  Now I’ll stick my neck out.  Murder in the city is treated as routine business in this city.   The mayor should be at the hospital every time somebody gets killed in Philadelphia.  Every useless death is a tragedy, even those of the punks who stupidly kill each other.  For some reason we look on some lives as more important than others and so they just don’t make the headlines and don’t get massive police investigation.  Feel free to comment.

While we are on the subject i got this email from a young film maker promoting a new film some of which was shot in Frankford.

is a look into what issues really contribute to the struggle and poverty currently in America. It identifies that struggle and poverty are the most popular assumptions for the high murder rate in Philadelphia both statistically and through experience. The movie communicates possible solutions as well as some of the details seen from the situation as it exists currently.
The movie digs into the life and culture of the rougher neighborhoods and communities in Philadelphia in hopes to shed light on the issues faced to the rest of the population.
The film comes out September 26 2008.
This film has been in production since September 2007. There are already three faces in this movie we have heard to have been killed or have killed someone else. This movie was filmed, produced, and edited by two young adults (and friends) one a native to North Philadelphia and the second a Temple student from Albuquerque New Mexico.
Philadelphia will be thoroughly impressed by the work of these two individuals in this full fledged documentary presentation. The two film makers will donate any movie profits to charity organizations.

4 thoughts on “Frankford man slain in Kensington

  1. have u ever considered that the reason it never made it to the headlines was that.. He was not an upstanding citizens. Those who live in that LIFESTYLE have no alternative but to prepare themselves for the fate that comes with it.. the only ones that have truly lost in this situation r his children god bless them.

  2. His death didn’t matter to many this was another selfish black man who cared more about partying and selling drugs to our loved ones, this is no surprise this was his fate he cherished money clothes and what car he rented that day he cared more about his name on the streets then his wife and five children who all now are left to fend for themselves because he wanted to be scarface or frank white well we all know what happened to them this is not a man who put family first he always put his love for money and street fame over them all if he would have been a real man he would still be here now for his 14 year old son that would have loved him if he didn’t have a benz or drug money. he was a fool i feel no sorrow or pain over this death he knew it would always come down to this.

  3. Who ever wrote this don’t know what they are talkin about

  4. He was my uncle and you people didn’t even no him so do judge

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