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Matt Taubenberger crime-fighting plan

From the News Gleaner:

On the heals of announcing his support for hiring 1,300 new police officers for Philadelphia and 500 for Montgomery County, Republican legislative candidate Matt Taubenberger today released his crime fighting plan which focused on keeping repeat violent offenders in jail longer.Taubenberger’s plan calls for the elimination of parole for violent offenders; tougher judges who impose longer sentences for repeat violent offenders; imposition of mandatory five year jail sentences that will run concurrently for any repeat violent offender who commits a crime with a gun; and turning over all illegal aliens to federal immigration authorities who are apprehended by local police.

it’s good somebody is thinking about these things but why does this sound so familiar.  Get tough, lock em up, they get out and do it again.  When is somebody going to address the other end of the issue and keep these potential criminals from going down that path.