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Crime map update

We updated the crime map page to include the most recent month.  You can find it here.  I compile these things myself and can’t help but notice the spreading menace as it moves into areas previously thought of as “safe”.  This is almost like the chickens coming home to roost.  As the police tighten things up in our area, the vermin are forced to move into other areas to ply their trade.

I heard from a citizen last week that since the cameras have been installed in McDonald’s on Frankford Avenue and outside at Bridge and Pratt on the Avenue, the outdoor drug salesmen have been forced to move around up there.  So now they have to get creative and move away from the cameras.

2 thoughts on “Crime map update

  1. Any word about the shooting yesterday morning on 5400 Saul? (at Sanger)
    It happened about 10:30 am..guy was shot in chest and arm-rushed to Temple in critical but stable condition. I read about it on Domelights.
    By the way, this is a great site. So sad to read about what is going on down in Frankford. I grew up in Oxford Circle and spend lots of time on the AVE.

  2. It seems you have to get killed in Frankford to make the news. We heard about that one on domelights too. Just noticed another killing on Unity street that I am about to post for number 11 this year.

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