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Cancer Treatment Center Needs to Grow

Cancer Treatment Center of America

As a result of the need to expand, the Cancer Treatment Center on Wyoming Avenue proposes to acquire land from Greenwood Cemetery.  That will necessitate the relocation of as many as 3000 burials to an unused location on the cemetery property.  Use of that area would also make land available for an additional 7000 future burials.

As part of the transaction, the cemetery would also receive funds for restoration of the Benjamin Rush house and improvements to the entrance on Adams Avenue.


The re interment process will be done by a company expert in the field.  All burials will be re interred individually.  Next of kin will be notified when possible.

As a result of the expansion, the Cancer Treatment Center employment will increase from the present 550 to 1000 employees.

Somebody better do something soon.  This Rush house is falling apart.  From the street it looks like there are windows on the built out porch, but it’s just cleverly spray painted board.  The house has open/broken windows too.  Pics follow.







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