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Frankford Civic Shows Some Teeth

Close to 50 people crowded into the conference room last night at Frankford Hospital for the Frankford Civic Association meeting.  Concern about  the possibility of a recovery house at 1522/24 Church Street, in a residential area,  so close to a church and school, seems to be having an effect.

Related to that issue, Jason Dawkins, of Maria Quinones-Sanchez office noted that a Frankford stakeholders meeting is scheduled for next week to update the community on the progress being made on the overall problem of the drug businesses in Frankford.  This is not a public  meeting so hopefully news will get out.

Zoning issues were discussed with approval given for several applicants.  However, the representatives of one applicant were sent packing after being confronted with evidence gathered by the Civic that work was being done to the property without permits and of doubtful quality.  Frankford just will not put up with this foolishness any longer.  The Civic has given notice, do it right or don’t do it.

A new applicant for the expansion of a business on Frankford Avenue, along with his representative, made his presentation and did a very professional  job of informing the Civic of his proposed plans.  That was a model for how the process should be.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be on May 7th.

3 thoughts on “Frankford Civic Shows Some Teeth

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