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Mormons in Frankford


Mormon Temple Salt Lake City

At the Frankford Civic meeting on Thursday night, it was made official.  The Mormons have established a beachhead in Frankford.  Those young men knocking on your door have recruited enough members to make it necessary to establish a church in Frankford.  There are over 150 church members in the 19124 area who have been going up to the nearest Mormon church at Red Lion Road.

The Frankford church is at 4612 Frankford Avenue (map).  That is the location of the former American Pants store.  They have been working on the conversion of the facility for several months in a very low profile way that did cause some concern among the folks who were watching.  Naturally nobody wanted another drug business going up on Main Street. A sign will be going up shortly and that will help identify it prominently.

My first reaction to that news was relief.  Then I thought it could be better.  Why not some nice new business?  Fact is that the market will decide what goes into that spot and the Mormons are a fine addition to fill it until some other enterprise finds a more profitable way to use the space.  In the meantime, the Mormons will bring some life to Main Street on Sundays which is sorely lacking.

Now if they would just make it into a family history center too that would be ideal.  Welcome to Frankford Mormons.

2 thoughts on “Mormons in Frankford

  1. Interestingly, the address seems to have vanished from the BRT. That is unless it combined with 4610, which was recently sold to Phila Suburban Development Corp…

  2. I believe that Suburban Development was the owner of the building. There was some concern about that because they have interests in some drug rehab related business. The Mormons at the meeting made it clear that they only plan to use this property as a church.

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