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Northeast Times

crime graphicThe Northeast Times editorial last week came to the defense of the New Frankford Community Y while insulting the Frankford Community.

Say what you want about Frankford – it’s no longer the quaint neighborhood of historic homes, it’s too dangerous to visit day or night, it’s the murder capital of Northeast Philadelphia, etc. – but one thing it had (until last week) that most Northeast neighborhoods don’t have was its very own community center.

Thanks for the help Times but with friends like you, who needs enemies.  Now maybe you should do some research before you write. The crime rate is going down in Frankford.  You would know that if you read the crime reports you publish every other week.

The Times has a history of printing just about any stupid editorial to incite irate letter writers to give them some cheap content. Saves the cost of paying the reporters to fill the newspaper. So I am not going to honor their ignorance with a letter to their editor.

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  1. Also, I think Oxford Circle is the murder capital of the Northeast now.

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