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Crime Map Update

crime graphicWe’ve updated to the crime map page to include data from 6/22 to 7/05/09.  The results certainly confirm what the police office explained at the Frankford Civic meeting last week.  Pressure, pressure and more pressure is laid on the criminals to the extent that robbery is down.  Crime is down overall compared to the same 2 week period last year.

We did have one homicide which was classified as self defense.  There was also a rape.  The overall results are below.  Thank the police the criminals and bums haven’t converted to better a better life.  The boys in blue are keeping them in line.

2008 2009
Homicide 0 1
Rape 0 1
robbery 18 11
ag assault 22 14
Theft 56 46
burglary 19 12
Total 115 85
guns 14 7
knives 6 1
other 10 8
Total 30 16