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American Lock Services

We’ve been trying to get a key made.  Sounds simple enough but life can be complicated.  Got some done at Lowes a while ago and that worked so we went back there and asked them to make a copy from the one they made before.  It worked fine.  Took those keys and not one of them worked.  So went back to Lowes and told them about that and they said OK we’ll do it again.  Took those keys and not one of those worked either.  So we took those back and gave up on Lowes.

locksmith smallWas coming up Frankford Avenue Tuesday morning and was passing 4320 Frankford Avenue.  Looked out to my left and there was a locksmith, American Lock Services.  Brilliant thought came to me that maybe they would be able to make a key.  I parked and went over.  It was about 10:30 but the door was locked.  I banged on the door and a nice lady with a Russian accent came to open it.

So I told her the problem and in one minute she had two keys ready to go.  She said sometimes people just don’t pay attention to what they are doing.  Bring them back if they don’t work.

They worked.

I kind of owe them this plug.  When I was doing the walk up Main Street video I originally had them in but cut them because I did such a poor shot of the store front.  In any case, we know they make keys pretty well.

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  1. Gil, I have similar experience to your. The keys that i have copied in Home depot some time it’s works but some time it’s doesn’t. I’ve been to American Lock Service here in Frankford for about a year now. So far I haven’t have any problem with any keys that they copy for me. I never thought I should bring this story up. I’m glad you did.

    Well, you never know what little store in Frankford can provide you, unless you been there.

  2. Everyday is a surprise in Frankford. Thanks for reading us and all of your comments.

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