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A Tomato Grows in Frankford

At times, the Gazette is a lonely place.  We post and know that a lot of people come by and read every day.  We get comments from a few but otherwise it is often a one way street as far as communication is concerned.  So it was very rewarding to get a picture of a tomato last night from our friend Lynda DeSouza.

It’s not just any tomato.  it’s a giant tomato and it rose from the earth in Frankford.

Giant Griscom Street tomato weighed 3 3/4 pounds. The oversized fruit was spotted shortly before lunch time on Saturday August 29th hanging in the garden. Originally it was thought to be two tomatoes hanging side by side. Further investigation revealed it was actually one hefty fruit known as Brandywine, an heirloom tomato variety known to be highly delicious and often oddly shaped but not typically overly enormous. The fruit was subdued, washed and photographed. The photo is all that remains.

You can have a look at the monster here.  Keep them coming.