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Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School

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Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School opened its doors Saturday to the community and we stopped by briefly to see what was happening.  There was certainly a good sized crowd at 9:30.

The school is located in the old Mater Dolorosa school at Paul and Ruan Streets.  it’s good to see it being put to good use again.

We walked about the building and it showed that a lot of work has gone into getting it ready for the school opening in September.

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In the gym we were greeted by the sound of drums.  I am a sucker for percussion and I have rarely heard a sound with this beat.  Those guys should be invited to the Frankford Festival.

I’ve heard some folks wonder about this school and the strange sounding name.  You can go to their web site linked above to find out more.  It is a charter school which means it is funded by the school district and therefore follows the same curriculum as the public schools.  The difference is that where choices exist, they will use African cultural resources.  When I was growing up, our school talked a lot about the Irish and German cultures.  Since this area is populated by many African Americans it makes sense.

We wish them the best of luck.