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Frankford Special Services District Meeting

The Frankford Special Services District (FSSD) held a public board meeting Monday, February 1st at St. Mark’s church.

The first order of business was election of officers for the coming year.  Chairman will be Jim McCarthy.  Vice chair is Tony Stephens.  Secretary is Liz McCollom-Nazario and Treasurer is Paul Mundy.

Tim Wisniewski, Executive Director of the FSSD discussed the mailing made to the businesses in the area concerning future initiatives of the FSSD.  Wisniewski reported that by far the most significant request was the reintroduction of the Safety Ambassadors on the Avenue.  A discussion followed on how that might be funded.  See the video for part of that discussion.  Possible use of Welfare to Work participants was raised.  Although the cost of their employment would be free to the FSSD, there would still be training and uniform costs.  It was agreed that at least one paid supervisory person would have to be employed no matter what the source of the funding for the remainder of the staff would be.

The board discussed the ongoing issue of trash and what is often “short dumping”.  People from outside the area are dumping household trash into the receptacles on the Avenue.  Even though they are emptied daily, they are often overflowing.  Strategies for prevention and prosecution of illegal dumpers were a hot topic.

There are positions open for three new board members.  Applicants are encouraged to obtain an application via the FSSD web site.

Wisniewski noted that he is about to send final notices to the business owners who are delinquent on their tax payments to the FSSD.  Failure to pay will result in a lien being placed on the owner’s property.

Public board meetings will be held quarterly for the remainder of the year.  The exact dates and times will be published in the Northeast Times and the Frankford Gazette.

Jorge Santana, Chief of Staff for State Rep. Tony Payton mentioned that their office is building a database of Frankford Businesses.  Theresa Hanas of the Frankford CDC said they also collect data from businesses in Frankford.  The FSSD is collects data.  A discussion took place on how the CDC, FSSD and Rep. Payton’s office might work together to share data.  That is a significant turn of events if you have been in Frankford for any length of time.

Mike Thompson on the staff of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission spoke about the various plans still on the boards even though there is no activity on them at this time.  That would include Transit Oriented Development and the Frankford Creek Greenway.

The next meeting is scheduled for May at a date and time to be announced.

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