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Coming Up in Frankford

  • Italian Style Family Dinner
    When – Sat, March 20, 4:30pm – 8:00pm
    Where – St. Joachim’s Church, 1527 Church Street, Phila., PA 19124 (map)
    Description – MARK YOUR CALENDAR Every Third Wednesday from September thru May Italian Style Family Dinner The Dinners will be served from 4:30 PM to 8 PM in Fitzmaurice Hall Take-out will be available. COST: $8.00 for Adults, $4.00 for Children. Come Join us!
  • LiHeap Drive Meeting
    When – Wed, March 24, 3pm – 6pm
    Where – Northeast Boys and Girls Club – 1709 Kinsey Street (map)
    Description – Need help with your utility bills? Call 215-686-3448 for an appointment.
  • Frankford Civic Association Meeting
    When – Thu, April 1, 7pm – 8pm
    Where – Frankford Hospital – 2nd floor conference room (map)
  • Grand Army of the Republic Museum Open House
    When – Sun, April 4, 12pm – 5pm
    Where4278 Griscom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124 (map)
    Description – Presentation at 1:30 PM: “Bloodshed on Lafayette Square” The assasination attemp & attack on Seward Hugh Boyle
  • Historical Society of Frankford program
    When – Tue, April 13, 7:30pm – 9:00pm
    Where – 1507 Orthodox St., Philadelphia, PA 19124 (map)
    Description – Following a brief introduction to the founding generations of the Greenwood and Bault families, Torben Jenk will share a sideshow of Globe Dye’s monthly one-page illustrated publication “LOCAL COLOR, For Insiders Only” (published at least from 1942 through 1969). “LOCAL COLOR” is an incredible visual record of the social traditions of Frankford, including wonderful brief stories and photos within the Globe family of the employees, births, marriages, retirements, plus improvements to the products and factory. One favorite article is: “Passing Of An Old Globe Custom. It’s only a matter of five or six years since brides-to-be left the plant after the Globe wedding celebration, arrayed in a mock bridal veil, and leading a tiny pig, a duck, or a turkey, amid laughter and good wishes from the girls they left behind. There was nothing official about it, but it was one of the perquisites of a job with Globe, spontaneous and gaily ushering a friend on her way to happiness. In the early days, when this ‘custom’ originated, Frankford was on the edge of the big city. Young couples often set up housekeeping where there was a bit of land on which to keep a pig or raise poultry. Today, there is no pig, no duck or turkey due to the meat shortage. But the gay send off is just as hilarious as ever, the bridal array faked as cleverly, and the feeling just as deep. It’s the spirit of the occasion that counts, not its form. It’s only two or three months ago that we saw Albina Krull leaving, arrayed in her bridal costume to be come Mrs. Albert McGarrigle.” (October 1946, attached, with photo of Albina Krull with veil and piglet on leash!). Please bring your own mementos of Globe Dye, and other social traditions of Frankford, to share with the audience. Copies of “LOCAL COLOR” will be circulated.