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Safety Ambassadors Return to Frankford Avenue

Safety Ambassadors and their supervisor

The Frankford Special Services District today announced the return of the Safety Ambassador Program to the Frankford Business Corridor, starting June 24, 2010.

The Safety Ambassador Program, which was a part of Frankford in the late 1990s, will consist of uniformed personnel patrolling Frankford Avenue with the goal of increasing commerce on the Corridor.
Ambassadors will help shoppers with concerns such as directions, bus schedules and escorting. In addition, they will visit every business on the Corridor weekly to check-in and see if the business owner has anything to report. Along their routes, Ambassadors will report quality of life concerns such as graffiti and potholes, and will reinforce the safety of Frankford Avenue by documenting and reporting all suspicious activity. “It will be great for shoppers and business owners to have an extra set of eyes on the Corridor,” said Gilbert Pons, owner of Gilbert’s Upholstery.
This program has been tried and tested in many business corridors across the country, including Frankford Avenue, and has been effective in reducing crime and making shoppers feel safer and more welcome.  The Frankford Special Services District (FSSD) has been focusing on this project since it surveyed the businesses at the beginning of the year and received an overwhelming support for safety initiatives.
The FSSD is proudly reinvesting in the community it serves by hiring for these newly created jobs from the local EARN Center, and purchasing its uniforms from Cramer’s Uniforms, both of which are located on Frankford Avenue.  The Ambassadors will patrol Frankford Avenue from the Frankford Terminal to Womrath Park. They will be on duty five days a week from 10-6pm.
Shoppers and business owners are welcome to approach Ambassadors with their concerns or call 267-777-SAFE to speak with them over the phone. Any questions about the program can be directed to Tim Wisniewski, the Executive Director of the Frankford Special Services District, at 215-535-2637.

6 thoughts on “Safety Ambassadors Return to Frankford Avenue

  1. The uniforms were a poor choice and they should not have badges they look too much like cops it could cause confusion another epic fail from fssd.

  2. I am glad to see Safety Ambassadors patrolling the avenue. It makes me feel safer and the police need all the help they can get.

  3. I really like are uniforms. the fist four to experience this oppurtunity is a very good thing. i am happy i got the position:)

  4. Congratulations on your new job.

  5. The Safety Ambassados is the best thing that has happen to the avenue in a long time. Its good to know that the city is trying to take back the street one block at a time, the Safty Ambassadors are a step in the right direction.. I hope they’re here to say..

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