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I Want This Abandoned Car Removed, And I Want See Click Fix To Help Me

I drove past this abandoned car once or twice already, I think it’s only been left there in the last few days.  It’s on the 4600 block of Large parked next to Simpson.  It just occurred to me that this is an excellent opportunity to highlight SeeClickFix.  My father used this to get an abandoned van next to his side alley removed.  Allegedly you just log into the website, give the address of your issue and what the problem, obviously a photo would be awesome.  Of course I have 7:

So here’s my issue logged with SeeClickFix. It looks like Philly’s 311 service monitors it and will take care of it.  I’m loving the idea of this service since in neighborhoods like Frankford you may have only a few really dedicated residents that are willing to stay diligent on quality of life issues.  So let’s see where this goes.  I’d love for all who care about Frankford to start using this service.

UPDATE: This car was gone pretty quick.  I was away for a few days but when I came back it was gone.  I’m almost positive it had something to do with my submitting this issue.


6 thoughts on “I Want This Abandoned Car Removed, And I Want See Click Fix To Help Me

  1. I just got a confirmation email saying who was sent notification of this issue, it shows the City of Philadelphia and Philly311:

    21 people received this email including 6 public watchers.

    Public Watchers who received this message:

    * Bob Shipman Phillyblocks
    * City of Philadelphia
    * Philadelphia
    * PBPioneers
    * Morgan Cephas
    * Philadelphia 311

    You can create a watch area for the public official you feel responsible by going to and attaching their email to their area of responsibility.

    You can always update the issue here.

    Thank You,

    The SeeClickFix Team

  2. I have used that website a few times with issues in the neighborhood. Once it was for a pile of tires that popped up on Sellers St. and I did use it to report an abandoned car. The problem was fixed within a few days. They seem to be very helpful.

  3. I’ve used them and they solved one issue out of three, but only after numerous complaints on this site. I just hope when if someone gets hurt because of a corner calvert issue that they will be willing to payout for it. And yes I sent photos. They do sent me em’s telling me the problem has been solved, but hey I live on the corner where the prob is, and it hasn’t…

  4. I reported Orthodox Street needs repaving if anyone wants to jump on that bandwagon! So bumpy!!

  5. We have a abandon car on our block for over a year now. 1621 w mentor street in logan. Please help. when we have block parties this is the only car on the block. thanks

  6. […] really like SeeClickFix.  I’ve gotten results from it when I wanted a wrecked car removed from Large Street.  I’m hoping that putting it in our sidebar will induce residents to use it.  I’m […]

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