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I Want This Abandoned Car Removed, And I Want See Click Fix To Help Me

I drove past this abandoned car once or twice already, I think it’s only been left there in the last few days.  It’s on the 4600 block of Large parked next to Simpson.  It just occurred to me that this is an excellent opportunity to highlight SeeClickFix.  My father used this to get an abandoned van next to his side alley removed.  Allegedly you just log into the website, give the address of your issue and what the problem, obviously a photo would be awesome.  Of course I have 7:

So here’s my issue logged with SeeClickFix. It looks like Philly’s 311 service monitors it and will take care of it.  I’m loving the idea of this service since in neighborhoods like Frankford you may have only a few really dedicated residents that are willing to stay diligent on quality of life issues.  So let’s see where this goes.  I’d love for all who care about Frankford to start using this service.

UPDATE: This car was gone pretty quick.  I was away for a few days but when I came back it was gone.  I’m almost positive it had something to do with my submitting this issue.


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Frankford Civic Association Meeting

Some additional details from the meeting held last Thursday at Aria Health.

  • It was confirmed by Jason Dawkins of Councilperson Quiñones-Sánchez office that the new owners of the Art Holiday intended to use it as an Adult Cabaret (strip joint).  They were told that it was a not an option.  Art Holiday in Frankford For RantWorkers are in there just about every day doing something.  We still do not know what their intentions are.
  • The only open zoning issue is 1522/24 church Street.  The owner has an application for conversion of the properties into two family residences.  The community opposes this conversion and the second zoning hearing is scheduled for December 9th.  The applicant failed to show at the first zoning hearing.
  • The Platinum Bar at Torresdale and Paul Streets has been closed.  It was the scene of two shootings this year.  Not much more you can say about that place except hope it does not come back.
  • Citizen complaint about an abandoned car that was reported to the city and is still sitting on the street for three months.  I have had fairly good luck with reporting cars like this but the picture is below.  As of today it still sits.  Tags expired.  Why should it take so long.  Please don’t tell us why things don’t get done.  As was pointed out if it was Soceity Hill we would not be having this discussion.

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