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Frankford Gazette Closed for the Day

We are closed today in memory of our nephew, godson and cousin Andrew Paul Martin.  The folks at Aria Health Torresdale tried for three days to save Andy but he passed away last Tuesday after sad goodbyes from his aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, brothers, sisters, girlfriend and parents.  Today several people are living life anew thanks to the generosity of Andy who noted that he wanted to be an organ donor on his drivers license.  His parents, immersed in their own grief, followed his wishes.

Andy was barely twenty years old and was looking forward to starting a new job at a child care center.  He was great with little children and would have been a memorable “Mr. Andy”.  He was a talented guitarist and an adventurous snowboarder.  His smile could light up any room.  His time was too short and the pain of his loss immense.

2 thoughts on “Frankford Gazette Closed for the Day

  1. your words and memories do well to keep his life vibrant. my thoughts with you all.

  2. God bless Andy. RIP

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