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Frankford Friends to Grow

As we previously reported, PA House bill 2291 included much needs funds for the proposed addition to Frankford Friends.  The addition requires a zoning variance which is being supported by the Frankford Civic Association.  Read the full report of their last meeting here on  It is gratifying that a prestigious institution like Friends is making this significant investment in Frankford.

The DIGSAU architecture firm has some visuals on their web site of the plans.  Have a look.  It will really transform that intersection.  To see the plans, click on Work and then Frankford Friends.  If all goes well, the addition will be open in Fall 2011.

4 thoughts on “Frankford Friends to Grow

  1. What a gem this school is for Frankford. Two members of my family graduated from Frankford Friends and three members of my family are presently attending this school. The educational and social values this school teaches will, hopefully, remain with the students throughout their lives. I hope they will get the funding they need in order to build the addition to the school.

  2. I wish Madge Tricky could see this happen. What wonderful news for Frankford. The school is a single bright flame in the darkness.

  3. Thanks for your support, Gil and everyone. You can learn more about the new building by visiting our blog,

    The new building was Mrs. Trickey’s dream. If all goes well with the state grant, it will become a reality this year. We’ll keep you posted!

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