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So You Thought You Would Never Miss the Art Holiday?

You may have heard about the shooting at Womrath Park the night of October 15th.  I usually leave the crime reporting to the professionals but since they did such a poor job I have to step in.  6ABC made no mention  of the former Art Holiday which was why the people were in the area.  Read the report below from Mike Mawson of the West Frankford Town Watch:

This is a notice that a new club has opened up on the 4200 block of Kensington ave.  last night Friday Oct. 15th.  Myself and member Phil Papas while on patrol saw about 75 kids standing out front of this property, formerly know as the art holiday movies.  We had our base opt. call 911 and report that there were about 75 kids standing out side and that the crowd was growing.   We also called one of the board members of the Frankford Civic, Pete Specos, and he also saw this was a problem waiting to happen

Then at about 11:50 pm police received a call that a person was shot at 4200 Kensington ave.   Upon our arrival we were told that witnesses heard about 5 shots.   The police at that time had 3 males in custody for investigation after a brief search of the area police found 3 shell casings and had 3 autos with bullet holes in them. Police  were holding the cars till detectives could get a search warrant for those autos involved.  We also want to know why that there were 7 armed guards needed at that location.   Wwere they expecting trouble?

I also spoke to a friend and was told that the kids that were coming to this club were not from Frankford.  They were from west Phila.,  North Phila. and Southwest Phila. Why would a club open up in Frankford and not advertise it in the Frankford area?

According to the BRT, this property at 4204-12 Kensington Avenue is owned by Eaglehead Realty Inc, 6103 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11220.  You can see from the picture they want to operate below the radar of the public with the lack of identification on the outside of the building.  The address is very prominent though and that must be how they advertise it to those unfamiliar with the neighborhood.  I’ll be checking with our Civic to see if this place is legal and if  any action is being taken against it.  It sounds like, at the very least, its a nuisance.

Former Art Holiday

9 thoughts on “So You Thought You Would Never Miss the Art Holiday?

  1. This “club” has been holding parties for several months. I am pretty sure a promoter just rents the club for the night, as the crowds seem to differ on different weekends. Friday Night was the busiest I have seen (at least in terms of people outside of the club) since the parties started to be held.

    Channel 6 article on the shooting:

  2. This shooting falls on Maria Quiñones Sanchez:

    Future of Frankford is at a tipping point (10/25/2007)

    City Councilman Dan Savage (D-7th dist.) and Maria Quiñones Sanchez, the Democratic candidate hoping to succeed Savage after the Nov. 6 elections …

    Savage is expected to introduce legislation in City Council this week to create a zoning classification for what is called a neighborhood rail-transit center district. The measure, if it gains City Council approval, would permit a mix of uses for new development, including office, residential, retail and public spaces, ultimately creating a walkable community complemented by public transportation. …

    NTI dollars to aid the city Redevelopment Authority’s purchase of the old Art Holiday Theater in Frankford. A deal to purchase the property and turn it into an arts center recently fell through for Frankford Associates, a development firm. Savage wanted to ensure that any future use of the property would be restricted for the betterment of the community.

    Savage’s year in Council was well used (11/08/2007)

    The councilman was working with the city Redevelopment Authority to buy the former Art Holiday theater and lease it to FrankfordStyle for a live performing arts theater.

    Savage will not get to see the proposed theater or some of his other initiatives through to completion, but he’s satisfied that the community will benefit nonetheless. He has no regrets.

    Now the Art Holiday is in the Hands of Absentee Landlords.

    Philadelphia City Council Member Maria Quinones-Sanchez will address the Northwood Civic Association Meeting October 17th, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    – Tell her about the way she has helped Frankford.


  3. How did this place operate for several months without the Frankford Civic Association knowing about it? I recall reading somewhere, perhaps on the Frankford Gazette, that people were interested in turning the old Art Holiday into a club, which I’m sure most Frankford residents were against, but I don’t recall reading anywhere that this property has been operating as a club.

  4. If we lived along Allegheny Ave., Maria Quiñones Sanchez would take good care of us and our needs. They love her in that area because she does so much for them with programs, cleaning up and other things. My mother-in-law who lives in that area even told us to find out who our counselperson was, we told her and she got excited saying, “oh she will help you. she helps everyone here. She helped with…”. When we told her what we were told about our problem, she was shocked.

    So those who attended the Northwood Civic Association with Maria Quiñones Sanchez? Do you feel like you got questions answered with answers that made sense or that you received generic answers? Did she mention AGAIN about her Latino upbringing? Did you feel rushed? I dont even bother asking her for help because she gives off the I dont care attitude. If I had known this I would have made my Latino husband fight this fight that I am losing or lost already.

    Just for the record my upbringing wasn’t peaches and cream for my parents either. My father was almost killed in the line of duty and the family suffered and still does 40 yrs later withe what that bought with it! The city screwed him with a crap pension. So Latino upbringing doesn’t mean anything to me. OK I’M DONE…FOR NOW!

  5. If you are not Latino, you will get no help from Sanchez with anything. She only supports Latinos and holds parties honoring Latino community leaders only.

  6. I always said the Art Holiday was one of the cleanest storefronts on the Ave and caused very few problems for the community. I never understood why it bothered people we have much worse problems to worry about besides a few people looking at sex on film.

  7. I can’t imagine the Art Holiday was making any money. People can buy or rent their “porno” flicks and watch them in the comfort of their home. If I recall, the people who lived in the area of the Art Holiday, felt the theatre was attracting prostitution.

  8. […] John Loftus reports in the Northeast Times that the unlicensed club operating out of the Art Holiday has been told it is no longer allowed to operate.  Apparently it’s been going by the name Eminence Hall.  We were the first to report that a shooting that happened by Womrath Park on October 15th involved the club’s patrons. […]

  9. She will only help you if you are LATINO,she is a Racist,she hates white people!

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