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So You Thought You Would Never Miss the Art Holiday?

You may have heard about the shooting at Womrath Park the night of October 15th.  I usually leave the crime reporting to the professionals but since they did such a poor job I have to step in.  6ABC made no mention  of the former Art Holiday which was why the people were in the area.  Read the report below from Mike Mawson of the West Frankford Town Watch:

This is a notice that a new club has opened up on the 4200 block of Kensington ave.  last night Friday Oct. 15th.  Myself and member Phil Papas while on patrol saw about 75 kids standing out front of this property, formerly know as the art holiday movies.  We had our base opt. call 911 and report that there were about 75 kids standing out side and that the crowd was growing.   We also called one of the board members of the Frankford Civic, Pete Specos, and he also saw this was a problem waiting to happen

Then at about 11:50 pm police received a call that a person was shot at 4200 Kensington ave.   Upon our arrival we were told that witnesses heard about 5 shots.   The police at that time had 3 males in custody for investigation after a brief search of the area police found 3 shell casings and had 3 autos with bullet holes in them. Police  were holding the cars till detectives could get a search warrant for those autos involved.  We also want to know why that there were 7 armed guards needed at that location.   Wwere they expecting trouble?

I also spoke to a friend and was told that the kids that were coming to this club were not from Frankford.  They were from west Phila.,  North Phila. and Southwest Phila. Why would a club open up in Frankford and not advertise it in the Frankford area?

According to the BRT, this property at 4204-12 Kensington Avenue is owned by Eaglehead Realty Inc, 6103 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11220.  You can see from the picture they want to operate below the radar of the public with the lack of identification on the outside of the building.  The address is very prominent though and that must be how they advertise it to those unfamiliar with the neighborhood.  I’ll be checking with our Civic to see if this place is legal and if  any action is being taken against it.  It sounds like, at the very least, its a nuisance.

Former Art Holiday