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Be a Brat Pajama Party

No, we’re not taking advertising but I couldn’t resist that title.

I got a tip on this from Mike Mawson, Pete Specos and now this from one of our best informed sources:

On the heels of the Art Holiday for rent party space (which seems to be closed, judging by the “Wedding Reception has been moved to Broad Street ” signs that were taped to the building last weekend) I spied a flyer announcing The Third Floor’s Nov 12th “Be a Brat Pajama Party”.  According to the flyer the Third Floor is located at 4651 Frankford Ave across from the Free Library.    I think that would make it that building with the big glass windows that faces the El platform.  Mattress and home improvement stores are on the bottom.

Here is a myspace link to party there back at the end of August:

Looks like it has been having events for a few months now.

I posted on the renovations to the building back in 2008.  Ownership links here.  Questions

  1. Is it legal to hold parties like this at this location?
  2. Do any of our elected officials know that this is going on?
  3. Is anybody going to do anything about it?

3 thoughts on “Be a Brat Pajama Party

  1. I doubt that it is legal. Has anyone seen the orange posters announcing a Zoning Board hearing?

  2. These shenanigans are both hilarious and sad.

    We need a procedure here. So you get a tip, you post it. Someone has to notify our elected officials right? Or do we just assume they’ll read it here?

  3. Are they selling alcohol? If not why is it illegal? I am not saying it is wrong or right just curious about the legal aspects. I know if a non profit has performances or shows on the Ave no one bothers them. Is it a noise or safety issue? Just curious as to what specifically people are objecting to. I think with the former Art Holiday property it was lack of security and a shooting.

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