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West Jersey History Project

We try to stick to what is relevant to Frankford here so what does the West Jersey History Project have to do with us?  Joe Menkevich, the omniscient historian, tipped us to this site.

There are a group of 8 maps made during the Revolutionary war by the Hessians of South Jersey and the surrounding area.  The maps themselves are beautifully detailed.  The one that sticks out in my mind for showing the relationship between Philadelphia and Frankford is this one.  You can see the big city of Philadelphia to the south and the town of Frankford to the north on the highway.    Clearly it is the last stop on the stage coach line before getting to the big city.  Still out in the country but having some inns for lunch and a place to cool off before the heat and dirt of the city.  A place Jefferson might have fled to on a hot summer afternoon.

This is a link to the main page for the maps.  Thanks to Joe Menkevich for the tip, once again.