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Aramingo Rail Transfer Waste Terminal

You may not have heard about the fuss over on Aramingo Avenue about the proposed waste transfer terminal.  It is being billed as a Bridesburg issue but that area is really the land between two neighborhoods.  From Chris Wink and

Controversial Aramingo Rail Transfer Bridesburg Neighborhood meeting

Frankford residents should make it a priority to attend a a Dec. 9 neighborhood meeting in Bridesburg that will focus on a proposd Aramingo Rail transfer waste rail terminal, said resident Ron Wlodarczyk.

The issue was discussed at last month’s Frankford Civic Association meeting.

“This may not be in our neighborhood, but it is in our backyard,” Wlodarczyk said.

The issue is that the terminal was originally pitched as handling only construction material which is fairly clean.  Bridesburg Civic gave it the green light a few years ago.  Now it will be a full scale, 300 to 500 trucks per day, municipal waste transfer station.  The location would be on Aramingo on the East side, south of Church.  Expect many of those trucks to be coming off the I-95 ramps or Tacony Street or Church Street or well just about anywhere.  It would be open from 5AM to 9Pm Monday through Friday and a half day on Saturday.  The trucks come in, the transfer the waste to rail cars and then send it out.  Sounds like there will be a constant stream of garbage in that area.  The work area is to be enclosed.

You can see the NEastPhilly more detailed report, with video, on the issue here.  Below is the flier for the community meeting.  You might notice that they forgot to invite us Frankford folks.

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  1. Dottie Stasen has posted the following notice on several Facebook groups:

    Zoning Hearing for Aramingo Rail Transfer Project

    The zoning hearing for this project is set for Wednesday January 26, at 1:00 PM. Please advise any of our constituents that if they want to attend this meeting that transportation will be supplied via bus. Northeast Building Products will supply these buses plus they have ample parking for people who drive to their location. If they are interested they need to call 215-535-7110 and ask for Rose Dugan. Please have them do this as soon as possible so we know how many buses are needed.

    You can also examine the .pdf file for this hearing at L&I on web pages.

  2. Did anyone go to this meeting or was it cancelled?

    It looks like the Watershed People are against it:

    Proposed Trash Transfer Station Near Frankford Creek

    Posted on October 28, 2010 by Katie

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