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New Frankford Community Y Building

Anybody see any activity at the old Y?

From Diane:

On Sunday as we passed the Y around 7:00pm lights were flashing in the main lobby and the lights were on in Terry’s office. I called 911 and all they wanted to do was put me on hold with the fire department. They never answered so I hung up. With the building closed I was concerned who would be inside and what were they up to? Does anyone know who was in there? I thought you might have connections and could find out what is going on. I miss the Y and would like to see it reopened. Diane Kunze

3 thoughts on “New Frankford Community Y Building

  1. There is an alarm that goes off every morning at the Y. When the alarm is sounding you can see flashing lights in the lobby of the pool house. This has been going on for over 2 months. Maybe the alarm goes off again at night and that would account for the flashing lights you saw. The property was put up for sheriff sale on December 7th. Anyone have any other information regarding the Y?

  2. The light flashing is an alarm. I pass this building on my home every night around 6PM and it is active. I walked passed on occasion and you can hear the alarm sounding as well.

  3. i remember hanging there in the 80’s we had the lock in which was great they gave us a social room in the basement with games and we used to make a haunted house there on halloween

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