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1606 Church Street

1606 Church Street

It stands out like a sore thumb if you are coming up Church Street but I think it was originally built with its face toward Frankford Avenue.  Debbie Klak from the Historical Society of Frankford says it dates from the neighborhood of 1726.

When I look at a very old building I really don’t know what I’m looking for except a massive chimney and I don’t see it on this one.  A building of that age would have had it more or less in the center of the structure.  Maybe we can get inside and do some detective work.

As a result of this discussion, Joe Menkevich sent me some material.  I had not seen this map before.  Picture Frankford in 1802 when the town was pretty much lined up along the Kings Highway.  Thomas Jefferson was the President.

Frankford 1802

The road at the bottom that says from Germantown is Hunting Park Avenue where the Walgreens is today.  Go north and find the 6M.  That is about where Paul Street crosses Frankford Avenue and Oxford Avenue begins.

You would look for the oldest houses where there was development on this map.  Along the main street and south rather then north.

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  1. Nice contrast. A satellite antenna on one of the oldest standing houses in Philly.


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