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Frankford Civic Association Meeting

I missed the Frankford Civic meeting last week but I knew both NEastPhilly and John Loftus of the Northeast Times would have it covered.  You can read both accounts linked above.  Sounds like it was a good meeting with an energetic exchange of opinions.  The issue is whether the Civic will support the application by the Bridge for a variance so they can move onto that property on Adams Avenue.

Northwood and Juniata Civics have both voted to support it.  Councilwoman Sanchez is undecided and Representative Payton is for it.  (thanks to Jason Dawkins for the correction.) The vote by the Frankford Civic will be at the meeting on May 5th.

The issue is the large number of rehab/recovery related businesses and services in Frankford.  My opinion is that there does not seem to be a plan for dealing with it.  If there was some confidence that this situation was under control, I doubt that the Bridge application would be in debate.  It is a fine program and everyone wants it to find a good home.



9 thoughts on “Frankford Civic Association Meeting

  1. Bob, Councilwoman Sánchez did not express any decision on the Bridge. She stated before that she was going wait until all community members voted, before making any public decision.

  2. Did I miss something?????? I thought Jason Dawkins, the “representative” from Maria Sanchez’s office, made several “impassioned pleas” supporting the Bridge” as stated in at the Civic Mtg. If Dawkins is the representative for Sanchez, doesn’t that mean he was speaking for HER and she is in favor of the Bridge being placed in Frankford? Now, she is changing her tune??? WHY???? Oh, it’s election time and she doesn’t want to lose any Frankford votes….

  3. Sanchez won’t care once the election is over.

  4. Frankford residents should inquire how Dan Savage feels about the Bridge moving into Frankford. Not all politicans feel that Frankford is an ideal spot for the Bridge to relocate.

  5. I wonder how Ms. Sanchez would feel if she knew that her representative, Mr. Jason Dawkins, not only came out in public support of the Bridge moving into Frankford, but he also, publicly and in writing, made some pretty harsh statements against Brian Wisniewski, President of the Frankford Civic Association: Quote from the “It is a shame that Frankford Civic has no leadership, Brian is incompetent to lead”. This guy (Jason Dawkins) needs to be reigned in and Ms. Sanchez should do a better job of choosing people to represent her in Frankford.

  6. Sanchez knew exactly what Dawkins was going to say in representing her at the meeting. After hearing how the meeting went, she changed her tune because now she realizes she might lose a tremendous about of votes in Frankford. And……we all know she can’t afford to do that. As usual, whatever benefits her politically. The reform fake needs to GO. MAY 17th VOTE DANNY SAVAGE. When Danny was in office he was honest with all neighborhoods and concerned with what benefits the 7th district FIRST not himself.

  7. You have to pick one so if that is your deciding issue you should cal each candidate and ask them where they stand.

  8. The truth is that no one argues that the Bridge is a high quality program. In fact it has been pointed out by both the proponents and the opponents that the Bridge is the best program in the region and possibly the state. From all the articles that have been written about this program it is clear they are great. The Frankford group states they don’t want drug and alcohol recovery houses. The Bridge is not one, from all the research I have done it is a licensed private school and non-hospital drug and alcohol program that serves young men. It is the only one in the city. It is clear we have serious substance abuse problems with our kids in Philadelphia, so what do we do? We ship them out of town where the treatment programs try and “fix” the kid only to send him back to a “broken” family. The Bridge doesn’t do it that way, they work with the kid and the family (first hand experience); they are in the city and should stay in the city. The politicians who are said to support the Bridge like Taylor and Peyton understand something others don’t, jobs and cleaning up blighted properties. The fact is by the Bridge moving to Frankford they are actually helping to stop crime. Addicts who don’t want help do not hang around rehabs…it is common sense. If Frankford Civic is sincere about their neighborhood and not playing politics, go after the illegal recovery houses and embrace programs like the Bridge… they helped our family!

  9. I will try to explain my position regarding the Bridge.

    I believe that the majority of people who live in Frankford are, like yourself, responsible adults. Responsible adults who pay their bills, pay their taxes and raise their kids to be responsible members of society and I want Frankford to become a neighborhood that provides services to these people. Most of the adults who live in Frankford drive out of the neighborhood to buy groceries, clothes, entertainment, etc. Let’s take our focus away from the drug addicts, criminals, and juvenile deliquents who may be living in Frankford. You won’t reduce crime with drug and alcohol recovery houses or the Bridge. If you really want to reduce crime in Frankford then stop putting the focus on crime and negative behavior by always wanting to provide services and facilities for the people who are bringing the neighborhood down.

    Frankford has become a dumping ground for non-profits that provide services for drug addicts, criminals returning to society, and now with the Bridge, court-ordered young boys with behavior problems.

    Businesses and responsible home buyers will not move into a neighborhood that overwhelmingly provides services to addicts, criminals and would-be criminals. And it’s businesses and responsible home buyers that will reduce the crime in Frankford.

    I’m sure the Bridge has helped many people. They have a good reputation. And I’m sure they have a very nice facility in FoxChase. I wish them well and hope they find a good location. However, for all my reasons stated above, I hope their location is not Frankford.

    Just my opinion.

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