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Are You Concerned About School District Budget Cuts and Your Child’s Education Future?

If you are a loyal reader, you are knowledgeable about Frankford and current events. Across the country, funding for schools is decreasing dramatically. The School District of Philadelphia has released its budget for the 2011-2012 School Year. You can read the Budget in Brief. This budget reflects a loss of $600 million or, roughly, 20% of the School District’s budget. Here is an article about the first budget hearing at Meredith School. To be fair, we at the Frankford Gazette will give you both sides of an issue. Just as school districts are preparing bare bones budgets throughout the commonwealth, PA Department of Revenue has projected an April surplus of $506 million in its collections, more than 6 times what was projected. This may help to ease some of the drastic cuts.

However, parents need to demand a top-rate education for their children and they need to express their desires at one of the upcoming community budget meetings – see the flyers below! We have encouraged all parents to get involved in their child’s school and to ensure that their child gets the education they are deserving of – it’s the greatest, greatest gift you can give your child! Education enables and empowers us to reach our potential and fulfill our dreams! Isn’t this our greatest wish for our children? Plan to attend a meeting – take your friends!



5 thoughts on “Are You Concerned About School District Budget Cuts and Your Child’s Education Future?

  1. My thing is that many teachers say “that they are leaving because they will pay them low” why? why are they been so selfish? I get the fact that they got to pay bills and take care of their families but what happens to the one’s who actually want an education and the one’s who actually want to be somebody in the future that is my concern. I am a student and it really grinds my ears of what I have heard so far and it makes me want to drop out of school. Why? BECAUSE OF THE TEACHERS FAULT. It hurts me soo deep down that I literally want to cry but I am not because I am in class. I am not pushing nobody or nothing but I care about my future and I care about the stuff I want. The teachers got too much PRIDE well most of them to think about the students who ACTUALLY want to go to college and have a career. Like me. I think that it is all.

  2. Dear Announymous:
    Yes, there are teachers like that but most of them do what they do because they do want students like you to go to college and have the career of your choice. Unfortunately, you know that you are not one of the disruptive students who make it hard for teachers to teach. Our system of education has not kept up with the information age that we are living in. It is a struggle when teachrs have to teach class content that students cannot relate to and that budget cutbacks means less new materials – books, supplies and technology in the classrooms! Yes, you are hurt by this and caught in the middle. But I think there was at least one teacher who helped you before – talk to them or another teacher you admire or another adult. Your future is too important to let ANYONE keep you from achieving your dreams. Thanks for writing! Good luck to you!

  3. Anonymous (not announymous), Keep up with school and never get frustrated; be your own teacher. Don’t take what I’m going to post now as an insult. I read dozens of blogs, listen to news interviews, and hear people speak at meetings. It amazes me when people tell me they are college educated, in school, or have jobs that require communication. The grammar, spelling, and misuse of simple English words is commonplace anymore and it is disgraceful. I listened at a meeting one night to a woman who misused and mispronounced words over and over while speaking; she is a school teacher. How do people graduate high school, college, etc. when they can’t even speak properly? Who lowered the bar to allow people to leave school with credentials when they don’t have basic elementary skills? I received a newsletter a couple weeks ago from a city council member; it was chock full of errors. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but if you’re going to represent yourself as a leader or an educator then lead by example.

  4. NW Resident Says: “Who lowered the bar to allow people to leave school with credentials when they don’t have basic elementary skills?”

    The “dumbing down” in America has been going on for many years – for generations. And the dumber we get, as a nation, the more violent we become. The ignorant and uneducated are ruled by their emotions and not by intellect.

  5. We have a new governor in Pennsylvania named Tom Corbett – who is just like the old govoner – Ed Rendell.

    While he taxes every man, woman & child in the State of Pennsylvania, he has refused to tax the people who actually have the money – the Gas Drilling & Energy Exploration Companies.

    Rather that tax these companies – he would rather close the schools and cut healthcare.

    All our Elected official in Harrisburg are allowing him to do this and therefore part of this problem.

    Place blame where blame is due – Our government is dysfunctional, bi-polar, retarded, mentally ill and perhaps even corrupt!

    The bigger picture – across our whole nation:

    How can We Cure the Cancer within our government?

    In the beginning – The Founding Fathers of the United States were scientists before they became politicians –

    Today our elected officials are a group of “actors” who are morally corrupt and Constitutionally bankrupt. They are acting as politicians, but want us to think they are scientists.

    WE must be extremely dumb, as we continue to elect politicians who know just how gullible WE really are.

    As soon as our new “Leaders” are elected they begin exctly where the old leader left off:

    – to instruct us to not to believe what we see

    – to tell us what to think

    – to tell us how much tax to pay

    – what foods we may eat

    – what water we may drink

    – to tell us the the permissible amounts (for human consumption) of poisonous chemicals & radioactive waste materials from coal mining & gas drilling of the Marcellus Shale; leaching into our drinking water – yes Philadelphia’s drinking water

    – to tell us what health care we may receive as we are dying

    – to force the birth of unwanted children with a future of poverty & starvation

    – to tell us to elect them again and they will “fix” Social Security as we live on a “fixed income”

    – to tell us that global warming is not real, while Earth rains & floods – blowing tornadoes to cool itself

    – to pass “new laws” to replace the “old laws” that were suppose to fix these problems

    And the herd-mentality of listeners continue to listen well and follow without question.

    Why should we fear terrorists when we have government?


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