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Are You Concerned About School District Budget Cuts and Your Child’s Education Future?

If you are a loyal reader, you are knowledgeable about Frankford and current events. Across the country, funding for schools is decreasing dramatically. The School District of Philadelphia has released its budget for the 2011-2012 School Year. You can read the Budget in Brief. This budget reflects a loss of $600 million or, roughly, 20% of the School District’s budget. Here is an article about the first budget hearing at Meredith School. To be fair, we at the Frankford Gazette will give you both sides of an issue. Just as school districts are preparing bare bones budgets throughout the commonwealth, PA Department of Revenue has projected an April surplus of $506 million in its collections, more than 6 times what was projected. This may help to ease some of the drastic cuts.

However, parents need to demand a top-rate education for their children and they need to express their desires at one of the upcoming community budget meetings – see the flyers below! We have encouraged all parents to get involved in their child’s school and to ensure that their child gets the education they are deserving of – it’s the greatest, greatest gift you can give your child! Education enables and empowers us to reach our potential and fulfill our dreams! Isn’t this our greatest wish for our children? Plan to attend a meeting – take your friends!



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Published Every Friday, $1.00 Per Year

Joe Sherlock sent us an undated ad for the Frankford Gazette(the original).  Subscribed for a buck a year, that must have been a while ago.  Their printing house is shown as 4432 Frankford Ave, I wonder if it’s this building here, looks kinda small.

Gazette ad

Thanks Joe, and anyone looking for a good read on Philly history and Northeast Philly in particular, check out his History of Philadelphia.  It strikes me as a personal account but seems so universal to the Philly experience.

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Papers Read Before the Frankford Historical Society

Papers Read Before the Historical Society of Frankford Cover

Again Joe Menkevich brings us a treasure trove of archival goodness.  He found an archive of a book entitled Papers Read Before the Historical Society of Frankford.  I cannot even take it all in.  The pdf is 460 pages consisting of 7 issues, each issue containing multiple stories.  They really run the gambit talking about slaves settling in Frankford, prominent business men, a lot of civil war type stuff.  It’s just too juicy.  If you find anything cool, leave us a report in the comments.  It is rediculous how much history is in Frankford.

[PDF] Papers Read Before the Historical Society of Frankford