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Frankford Civic Gives the Bridge a No

There was a good turnout for the meeting tonight with several new members signing up.

4271 Penn Street

First up was a presentation by Dawn Tancredi, Esquire representing Miosotis Jones.  Ms Jones is applying for zoning to change the use of 4271 Penn Street (Penn and Ruan Streets) from single family to four unit occupancy.  That would be made up of three one bedroom apartments and one studio apartment.  She is requesting a letter of support from the Civic.  The presentation was well done and the zoning officer will do some further investigation, the board will vote and a decision will be made within 7 days.  There was some community support for the change present at the meeting.

The operator of a family day care home in the 5100 block of Torresdale Avenue is looking for a letter of support for her change to a group home.  That means the capacity would go from six to twelve children.  Discussion of the issues followed and the zoning officer will make a followup visit.

The last piece of business at tonight’s meeting was a vote on whether to write a letter of support to the zoning board for the application by the Bridge to move on to the property on Adams Avenue.  The Board and eligible members voted 2 to 1 against the motion.  Letters of support have already been written by the Northwood Civic and Juniata Civic Associations.

Follow this link to coverage of the meeting.

The next Frankford Civic meeting is scheduled for June 2nd.

5 thoughts on “Frankford Civic Gives the Bridge a No

  1. It’s good to know that the Frankford Civic voted NO on sending a letter of approval to the zoning board for the Bridge. Unfortunately I’m afraid the Bridge will be moving to Adams Ave. anyway because our local politicians are behind this move and they went straight to the Civic organizations that would back them up.

  2. Gil 2 To 1 Boy that sounds BIG ,you mean 6 board members against and 3 reg. members in favor .At least me as Pres. of NWCA listen to what the poeple I represent want ,not what i want, I always thought I work for them .So far the vote is about 85 residents in favor and 6 Frankford Board members against, something’s fishey ,someone better look into whats going on. Who’s speaking for the poeple of Frankford. Also check and see how much money net is putting into Frankford . Barry

  3. If I was the pres.of Frankford Civic ,I would check to see what council canidate in the 7 district race ,recived donations from NET ,It’s good to know whos on your side in the fight your haveing stoping the rehabs in Frankford .Good luck Barry

  4. […] that they would write a letter of support to the zoning board for the change (past coverage here).  Tony Payton, State Representative has also indicated support.  Councilwoman Sanchez at last […]

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