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Greenwood Estate at Rush Farm

It has taken me a while but I finally got over to the Rush house to get some current pictures to compare with what we had posted in January of 2009.  I just wanted to show how much has changed.  Interior shots are courtesy of Joe Menkevich.  Click on the small picture and you will get a popup with the larger version.  You can see there is still work to be done but the house appears to be essentially complete.  You can see that the iron work that spanned the front gate has been removed.  I hope it is out being restored.  It was unique.  The grounds are neat and tidy now although I didn’t walk all around the property.  It is actually so different now that I lost my landmark for W.C. Fields parents whose grave I stumbled over by accident when I first went in there.

There are more pictures on their web site.  Take a look via this link.


3 thoughts on “Greenwood Estate at Rush Farm

  1. The house looks beautiful but I like the old enclosed porch with those great looking windows. The enclosed porch looks like it was added later. Anybody have any info on that?

  2. They were not windows Lorriane they were stenciled pieces of plywood to look like windows!

  3. Thanks for that information. I had no idea. The windows looked real from the view at Adams Ave. Do you have any idea when the enclosed porch was built?

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