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Food Trust Farmers Market Comes to Frankford

The Food Trust, a nonprofit founded in 1992, started out by conducting nutrition education classes for children at Reading Terminal Market. After the Trust opened its first farmers’ market at Tasker Homes in Grays Ferry, they  began working with communities to develop lasting and stable sources of affordable foods.

They strive to make healthy food available to all.  As part of that mission, they have established local farmers markets throughout the city and on Tuesday, July 26th, they are coming to Frankford at the corner of Bridge Street and Frankford Avenue.

It will run every Tuesday from 2pm-6pm.  There will be two vendors there: Hands on the Earth Farm and Quaff Meadows.  Both will have a delicious variety of fruits and vegetables as well as pasture-raised lamb provided by Quaff Meadows!  The market accepts cash, Access cards, WIC & Senior vouchers, and Philly Food Bucks (a $2 voucher given out for every $5 a person spends on their Access card).

Attention shoppers, I know you are out there.  I’ll be up there on Tuesday to take your picture.  Come out and check the market out and then chime in with a comment on what you think.


6 thoughts on “Food Trust Farmers Market Comes to Frankford

  1. If they want to attract access card users they need to set up shop on the first to the 6th when people get their food stamps loaded on to their cards.

  2. Actually food stamp availability dates varies; someone I know gets ther loot on the 8th every month. $200 bucks a month; not exactly a lottery card but it helps her survive.

  3. People need to eat all month! Not just from the 1st to the 6th!

  4. Of course people need to eat all month but some access card holders will be out of food stamps by the end of each month as they get them in the beginning of the month. At least my shut ins I deliver food to do.

  5. The market runs every week.

  6. @Pff- Ok, good to know.

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