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The Secret About Frankford is Out

The secret about Frankford has been uncovered by the Philadelphia Business Journal.  Read all about it here.

3 thoughts on “The Secret About Frankford is Out

  1. It was nice to read something up-beat.


    [Mark Tucker, principal of Tucker Development Plus, throughout the Frankford section of Philadelphia, where he was hawking it as the next great neighborhood. A diamond in the rough.

    “It’s going to happen,” Tucker said, “and it’s going to happen in little steps.”]

    When I see it – I’ll believe it.

    The Ghost – Pufffffffff………

  2. I will belileve it when he puts his money where his mouth is

  3. I have to say I was a little enthused when I read this article until I started to look up property owners on Frankford Avenue.

    Mr. Mark Nicoletti of Phila. Suburban Development Corp. owns many properties on Frankford Ave. One property is at 4806-22 Frankford Ave., which use to be WIC. It is now New Directions a drug rehab. just like NET. If you walk by you can see their “customers” hanging out on Frankford Avenue just as you see at NET. Mr. Nicoletti owns numerous properties on the 4600 block of Frankford Avenue. Possibly the buildings that the church (Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) operate out of? Further investigation is needed on this.

    My point is that not all Developers will bring a positive change to Frankford. We have to be careful and not so trusting.

    The reference to Northern Liberties and Fishtown is deceptive. Northern Liberties and Fishtown began to change when the artist community moved into their area. Once the artist move into an area (due to low rent space, etc.) it then becomes an avant-garde community. Developers then move in because they see potential in a growing community. This was the vision for Frankford 10 or 15 years ago before FGM and others put a stop to that.

    Be aware! Read the blogs here by Daisy-Cutter & M.O.A.B. – PA and others about the history of the corruption that went on in Frankford and is still going on by people and organizations who want to keep Frankford a community of non-profits that only serve the underbelly of society.

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