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Former Central United Methodist Church Continues to be Neglected

The former Central United Methodist Church building, at 1515 Orthodox Street, which suffered a catastrophic wall collapse in August of this year has

Church front undamaged

continued to be neglected.  The building has been left unsecured since the previous incident and now several valuable windows have been stolen.

The theft, this weekend, of several stained glass windows from Frankford’s Central Methodist Church on Griscom/Orthodox Street has been confirmed by the Philadelphia Police Department, which is investigating this.

Should you become aware of any activity regarding the removal, sale, or disposal of these windows, please notify the Philadelphia Police Department (via 911). Please disseminate this widely to your email lists. As more information or any photographs of the windows becomes available, it will be disseminated.

Thank you.

Patricia Coyne

(Historical Society of Frankford)

The city Office of Property Assessment indicates the building is owned by the Frankford Group Ministry.

Church front after theft of stained glass windows

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  1. I’m always a little cautious everytime I walk by this church.

    Is the Frankford Group Ministry still in operation? Who runs the Frankford Group Ministry if they are still operating?

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