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Salvaged Stained Glass Windows

As we previously reported, thieves have been making off with the stained glass windows from the former Central United Methodist Church building (1515 Orthodox Street) at every opportunity. It is very difficult to secure a building with a huge hole in the West wall.  The pictures below were taken to document the windows and also make it possible to recover them in the future.  They are unique, one of a kind creations and no reputable antique dealer would take them in, knowing they were stolen.  The pictures were taken by a volunteer.

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Former Central United Methodist Church Continues to be Neglected

The former Central United Methodist Church building, at 1515 Orthodox Street, which suffered a catastrophic wall collapse in August of this year has

Church front undamaged

continued to be neglected.  The building has been left unsecured since the previous incident and now several valuable windows have been stolen.

The theft, this weekend, of several stained glass windows from Frankford’s Central Methodist Church on Griscom/Orthodox Street has been confirmed by the Philadelphia Police Department, which is investigating this.

Should you become aware of any activity regarding the removal, sale, or disposal of these windows, please notify the Philadelphia Police Department (via 911). Please disseminate this widely to your email lists. As more information or any photographs of the windows becomes available, it will be disseminated.

Thank you.

Patricia Coyne

(Historical Society of Frankford)

The city Office of Property Assessment indicates the building is owned by the Frankford Group Ministry.

Church front after theft of stained glass windows

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Former Central United Methodist Church Wall Falls

Thanks to all our tipsters for reporting this one.  The building that formerly was the home of the Central United Church at 1515 Orthodox Street took another step toward demolition today when the side wall fell.  That is the wall between the buildings shown below.

This followed the failure of the tower on the opposite side of the building some years ago.  The city Office of Property Assessment web site shows the building is now owned by the Frankford Group Ministry.  You can see pictures of what looks like irreparable damage below.

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Community Meeting on the SEPTA Margaret-Orthodox Station Rehabilitation Project


Get details about what’s happening to update the station

We invite you to attend the meeting to get:

  • an overview and progress update about the project;
  • details about improvements;
  • possible impacts to businesses, residents, and riders;
  • an opportunity to have your questions answered firsthand.

Tuesday, December 8

Frankford Group Ministries

4620 Griscom Street

Philadelphia, PA 19124

5:30 pm       Registration & Refreshments

6:00            Meeting Begins

7:30            Meeting Ends

We look forward to seeing you.

For more information contact Patricia Miller, Constituent Relations Coordinator, at 215-580-3609.

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New Businesses on Main Street

Such a nice day, I had to walk around a bit.  The mystery of the former American Pants property continues.  Lot’s of work being done but no sign of what it will become.  Does anybody have a clue?

New little produce store at 4611 Frankford Avenue,  run by two nice African gentlemen.



Also met some folks on Griscom Street trying to get into the Frankford Group Ministry office.  It was closed with no notice or anything on the door to say what was happening.  This was a tip from one of our faithful readers.  Thanks Crazymommy.