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Mezalick Design Studio, LLC

Two years ago I was compiling a list of Frankford businesses with web sites and came to the Mezalick Design Studio.  That name didn’t ring a bell and I hadn’t seen anything by that name on the Avenue so I thought it might have been an old link.  Last year I was meeting with Father Steve Wetzel at St. Joachim and the wall of the room we were in was decorated with scenes from old Frankford.  It was really great and I asked him where it came from.  He told me Mezalick had done it as a custom job.  So I made note that I had to track down Mezalick.

Nidia Mezalick

The Mezalick studio operates from a storefront in the 4800 block of Frankford Avenue.  You would not notice it because their business does not walk in the door.  They create and restore church stained glass windows and other stained glass art.  The customer base is national in scope you can get a feel for the company by their extensive web site.

I met Nidia Mezalick this week at the studio having no idea of what I would find.  Nidia told me her story about her life and how she gotten interested in stained glass in the 90s.  She met her husband Michael who was working in Virginia at the time and they eventually decided to open the business together.  They quickly established a

New Stained Glass Work

reputation for quality customer service which allowed them to grow and they had to acquire the properties in Frankford which they now own.

The shop is a well equipped modern stained glass studio capable of handling the large windows that they are often called upon to restore.  Racks and racks of glass line the walls in a rainbow of colors and textures that is impossible to describe.  The majority of the business these days is restoration but you will find information about the new creations that have been executed by Mezalick on their web site.

Lighting restoration

Their most recent project was just shipped out last week so the shop only had some antique lights in the back that were being restored.  That project involved not only new glass work but also reconstruction of deteriorated metal, cleaning and rewiring.  They will be beautiful when they are rehung on one of the exclusive buildings downtown.

You never know what gem you will find just around the corner in Frankford.  Contact information for Mezalick Design Studio is on their web site.