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PSA1 Meeting 10/26/2011

Lt. Casselli and Officer Andrews lead the PSA meeting this week at Aria Health in the cafeteria.  There were several areas of interest this month.

  • Elran’s Place located at Oakland and Pratt Streets was the subject of much discussion last month.  Since that time there was another shooting outside the bar.  The owner, Eliezer Torres has been meeting with Officer Andrews on ways to improve the situation at the bar.  Only three residents of the area attended the meeting but they made their views know on the problems the bar has been causing.  Mr. Torres pledged that the residents will see a big improvement in the situation starting this weekend.  In regard to the recent shooting, his cooperation with the police lead to the arrest of the suspect.
  • There are reports from several people of drug sales out of a house in Frankford.  The police have had previous reports on this location and are investigating.

The PSA meetings are only effective when residents attend them.  As Casselli frequently points out, the police cannot solve these problems on their own.  You have to come out to these meetings to have any chance of making it work.