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Second Baptist Church

I stopped by the Second Baptist Church the Sunday before Christmas.  There were several toy events in Frankford that week and the one at Second Baptist was the first.  Others were held at Campbell AME and also at the Boys and Girls Club.  There were many people in need this year in Frankford and a lot of people came together in different ways to try to help.

The folks at Second Baptist area very welcoming group.  My first stop, of course,  was the kitchen to see what the culinary crew was up to.  I can’t linger there too long, too easy to fall off your diet.  I met pastor Darrell Bradsbery for the first time.  Jason Dawkins was present, as he often is at these community gatherings.  He does credit to Councilwoman Sanchez with his community efforts in his off duty time.

The tables were still covered with shopping bags full of toys, each labeled with a child’s name, waiting for pickup.  The crowd who had done all that work was still hard at it but I asked them to pose for a few pictures.

Thanks to these folks and everyone in Frankford who went out of their way to help others in need.  This kind of spirit in Frankford is what makes this community unique and yet it often goes unnoticed.  Thanks to all.